Hotel or Home Comforts? Why you should consider staying in a serviced apartment

For most of us, when someone mentions they are staying at a hotel the words ‘treat’ or ‘lucky’ spring to mind, but for those people who regularly travel, most would tend to disagree and say that they miss their home comforts.

Of course, those that are being accommodated in all expenses paid, 5-star hotels with lots of facilities may be extremely happy, and who can blame them! People also staying for just one night in a hotel may consider it a break or a peaceful night away from the kids (or is that just us?) but for others that are staying in the same hotel week after week during the working week, these home comforts will certainly be missed. Especially when it comes to being able to fully switch off after work and food – eating out is only fun the first few times! But that’s where we come in.

Having spoken to many of our past business guests, they told us that they enjoyed staying at serviced apartments because it meant they could cook their own meals, watch TV and relax without being confined to one room. They also had the opportunity to invite a partner or family to stay, do their laundry without having to wait for someone else to do it and generally had the benefit of a lot more space than the standard hotel room provides.

Even waking up and eating the breakfast of your choice in your slippers makes this option a much more home from home experience. Many people have a routine and do not want to be tied to certain mealtimes so if you want to go to bed at 7pm with a cup of cocoa or have the breakfast you are used to eating at 5am – it is entirely up to you!


Benefits of staying in Serviced Apartment

A few key benefits of staying in a serviced apartment over a hotel include:

      You have complete flexibility to live the way you want to. You can cook for yourself, eat out or order a take-away. You can even entertain guests in the lounge area or conduct meetings with clients – it is your home to do as you please!

      Security and privacy are key – even if you are sharing an apartment with colleagues, you will have a communal area as well as your own bedroom space to switch off.

      There are fewer add-on charges and therefore you or your company can actually save costs. For example, all of our properties have a kitchen with all appliances which cuts the cost of eating out or ordering room service plus added dry cleaning bills. They also have free high speed Wi-Fi.

      The rates charged are usually on par or cheaper than most mid-range hotels and apartments give greater value for money in terms of the space you are staying in. If you have people sharing, the cost will be even lower as supplements are not charged for multiple occupancy. Longer stay discounts are also offered or a reduced rate at the weekend if you and the family want to stay and explore the area on a leisure basis.

      Not forgetting the current climate, serviced apartments offer a safer environment as it takes away the option of communal eating and sharing of facilities. All of our apartments are fully Covid-19 compliant with deep cleaning in between stays.

      Dedicated parking is available which saves the worry of paying extra or not having a space on arrival.

      For stays that last for weeks or months, an apartment is an ideal solution as you can really make it your home and have all the space you need. Depending on where you stay you could even have a garden which is a huge benefit in the warmer months.

So, there you have it, our top reasons as to why serviced apartments could be a fantastic solution over hotels and our greatest advice is to take some time and research your options before booking the first option you see.

The main thing is that you find a place where you can relax and feel comfortable – particularly if you are staying away from home for a long time.

If you would like to find out more about the apartments we offer, please visit or call us on +441923 603513.

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