Did you know that Milton Keynes 
is the Home of Parks?

You are never far from a park in Milton Keynes, and that might just be because there are over 6000 acres of green space to explore!

Milton Keynes Parks are unique in that they are not owned by the local authority, but are instead owned by The Parks Trust, a charity that does a lot more than just maintain parks.

The Parks Trust is responsible for landscaping and maintaining the parks, as well as providing recreation and leisure facilities, outdoor events, and education on the surrounding wildlife, biodiversity and environment. They love what they do, and take pride in their parks, which is evident to all who visit Milton Keynes!

Whether you are visiting Milton Keynes for a short break, or are here on business, you’ll want to make the most of its fabulous parks, so we’re here to give you all the details!

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Featured Park: Ouse Valley Park

Path winding between grass and trees in Ouse Valley park in spring
© The Parks Trust

You are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to parks in Milton Keynes, but Ouse Valley Park is one of our favourites, and it is within walking distance of our Walker Avenue Apartments in Wolverton Mill!

Ouse Valley Park was the first of the three valley parks in Milton keynes and is similar in feel to the Ouzel Valley Park on the east side of Milton Keynes. This park is vast, 231 hectares to be precise! It has an enormous area of quiet unspoilt nature and is a joy to spend time in. It can be accessed from as far away as Northants, and is an excellent spot for cycling and walking.

Things you don’t want to miss at Ouse Valley Park:

Grand Union Canal – Linking London to Birmingham, the Grand Union Canal runs through Ouse Valley Park and is a popular route for walking, cycling, and pleasure boating. There are steps up to the canal from the riverside walk at Ouse Valley Park and a tunnel which takes the path under the canal. The Iron Trunk Aqueduct carries the Grand Union canal over the Ouse at 10.8 metres and connects Wolverton and Cosgrove. (This is all within walking distance of our apartments in Wolverton Mill).

Viaduct over the river Ouse in winter
© The Parks Trust

Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve – This is a major habitat recreation project and attracts a wide range of wildlife. You can expect to see birds from the observation hides, and plenty of wetland animals in the reserve.

Stony Stratford Nature Reserve – This is another artificially created wetland habitat specifically for waterfowl and waders. You can view the main lakes and meadows from a well-placed bird hide.

Pubs Along the Canal – There are plenty of walks along the canal with pubs along the way including the Galleon Pub which is only a short walk from our Walker Avenue apartments. It serves a whole host of pub classics and has a lovely beer garden to relax in after a long walk! If you walk further upstream towards Cosgrove, you will find The Barley Mow, which is another lovely canal side pub. Other pubs include The Witch Inn, which is another great spot!


Parks Worth Exploring in Milton Keynes

Ouse Valley Park is of course just one of many parks in Milton Keynes. You can find a full list of parks on The Parks Trust Website, but here are a few of note:

4 parks in Milton Keynes including lakes, woodland, river and grassland
© The Parks Trust

Ouzel Valley Park – This park is very close to our two Broughton houses, and meanders from Caldecotte Lake in south Milton Keynes to Willen Lake in the north (both of which are also mentioned below). It is home to the Community Orchard, where you can help yourself to a variety of old English apples! There are lots of events going on at this park and you can find the full calendar here: https://www.theparkstrust.com/parks/ouzel-valley-park/ 

Willen Lake – This park is within walking distance of our Broughton Houses and has an abundance of activities on offer from lots of water sports, to tree climbing, to archery and so much more! If you have children with you, then they will absolutely love the Splash ‘n’ Play which is one of the UK’s largest outdoor splash parks with over 60 unique water features. 

Caldecotte Lake – This park is known for its Windmill (which is now a family-friendly pub) and is packed with activities for all ages. You can take a gentle stroll around the lake, let your kids burn some energy at the play area, or hop aboard the Caldecotte Miniature Railway! There are also sports clubs and events happening regularly at this park.

Hazeley Wood – This park is a beautiful mixture of woodland trees and wide open grassy areas. Being near the edge of the city means it is largely undisturbed and has an abundance of wildlife including butterflies, birds and bats.

Great Linford Manor Park – This unique park was once the private garden of the Manor House. It has a Water Garden and a Wilderness Garden for the public to explore, and has received lottery funding to uncover more of its heritage!

Tree Cathedral – This is not a Cathedral of bricks and mortar, but of trees! Designed by landscape architect Neil Higson, this garden has a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees making it spectacular all year round. You have to visit this one to really understand its beauty.

The Parks Trust website has plenty of maps and walking routes for you to download for all its parks, so you can plan your park routes ahead of time and be sure to end with a nice pub meal (yes, we do love a good pub meal!)

Stay with us and enjoy all The Parks Milton Keynes has to offer

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Heliodoor Serviced Apartments | Milton Keynes is the Home of Parks
Heliodoor Serviced Apartments | Milton Keynes is the Home of Parks

Useful Links:

Parks Trust: (a lot of the information and photos are thanks to Parks Trust and you can find all the details on their website)

Ouse Valley Park: You can find all the information on our favourite park here.

Pubs mentioned: Galleon Pub, The Barley Mow, The Witch Inn

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