Reflecting on International Women’s Day 2024: Inspiring Inclusion at Heliodoor Apartments

international womens day header showing illustration of women of different ethnicities.

Having just celebrated International Women’s Day, we wanted to share some thoughts on this year’s theme, ‘Inspiring Inclusion’. At Heliodoor, we believe that the spirit of International Women’s Day goes far beyond a single day of celebration, and this year’s theme is one that deeply resonates with us.

This year, our journey towards inclusivity was met with a momentous milestone: the recognition of Heliodoor with an Alto Award for ‘Best Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative’. This award was a great moment of recognition, but also a reminder to keep going, to keep setting an example of true inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Diversity and inclusion are not tick-box exercises for us, they are about truly valuing each and every team member, and what they bring to the table. It’s about creating a work environment where everyone feels like they belong, regardless of their background, identity, or abilities.

Let’s be honest though, it isn’t always easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to challenge our own biases as we learn from others. We understand the importance of ongoing dialogue and growth in this area.

With this year’s theme emphasising inspiring inclusivity, how do we then continue to practically put this into action here at Heliodoor Apartments? 

Well, it starts with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. From our hiring practices to our guest accommodations, we strive to create an environment that’s welcoming and accessible to all.

Heliodoor Apartments is proudly woman-owned, and we wholeheartedly support the women working for us. We offer flexible working arrangements, especially accommodating those with children, while also providing ample opportunities for career progression. Our team comprises individuals who, due to various reasons, require more flexibility with their work, which we always strive to meet where possible. And this year especially, we are striving to lead by example in this way.

So, as we reflect on International Women’s Day 2024 and the theme of inspiring inclusion, we’re reminded of the power of coming together as a community. Because when we embrace our differences and lift each other up, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

So, let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s keep challenging ourselves and each other to do better, to be more inclusive, and to create a world where everyone feels valued and respected. Together, we can make a difference.

Heliodoor Serviced Apartments | Reflecting on International Women's Day 2024